Saturday, August 20, 2005

blog 1.

hey all, my brother, John, just started an art blog here, so I jumped on board as well. check his blog out here:

when I get calls from some poor kid at Rutgers getting their degree in art, and they are trying to raise money for them, I am forced to tell them of my experiences there over 15 years ago. I had fun there but I didn't learn much about the "real world" of art and illustration. I thank god every so often that John is my older brother. Just look at that stuff on his blog.

anyway, I managed to carve something of a career for myself. Those of you that have purchased Weird NJ or now the Weird US books from Barnes & Noble have most likely seen my work already. I'm now involved with comics. Image Comics is releasing my first graphic novel "Blood River" that was created and written by comic phenom, Michael Avon Oeming, and co-penned by the very talented, Daniel Berman. This book is coming out in early November (cross fingers). here's the cover colored by the amazing, Nick Filardi. I ever get a color book, I'm kidnapping this guy and not letting him go until my book is completely brought to life by his color!


old bridge, nj august 20, 2004

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John T. Quinn 3rd said...

Stop it, I'm blushing already. Looks great, keep 'em coming!