Sunday, August 21, 2005


while I worked on my graphic novel, "Blood River," I began to receive offers from friends in the industry to do pinups for their books. I have had the great fortune to have contributed images to NYC Mech written by Ivan Brandon, Miles Gunter, and illustrated by Andy MacDonald. I did a piece for "The Wicked West" a original graphic novel written by Robert Tinnell and Todd Livingston, and illustrated by Neil Vokes. Actually, I worked on a prose short story for that one, providing several illustrations for what is supposed to read like a penny dreadful. I did a pinup for Mike Oeming and Bryan Glass's "86 Volts" (pictured above) and have another one ready to run in Mike's upcoming "Hammer of the Gods" trade collection. oh, and I did a Marquis pinup for Guy Davis's amazing series from Oni Press. Not sure when that is coming out.

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