Thursday, September 29, 2005


one of three illustrations I did for posters that were used by a theater in northern New Jersey earlier this year. It was for their season of plays, none of which I had a chance to see. The money for the illustrations was good, but man oh man, just another example of why I wish I had more control of the actual design of a finished product. the posters and theater books they sent to me were awful!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

So Much Anger...

yet another illustration from an upcoming Weird book. I think this is for Weird New England. I have done many illustrations of ghosts of people whom died horrible deaths, and now I am doing illustrations of serial killers. This spot is of a guy named Holmes from the 19th century. He had a house of horrors set up in which he would torture and kill dozens of people in creative ways.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More Weird!

another post already? sure, why not...

This is an illustration I did for the upcoming Weird NY hardcover book to be released by Barnes & Noble. I think I will be in a total of five or six hardcover books put out by B& N in association with the Weird NJ/US team. The books are great reads, and the magazine "Weird NJ" is as good as ever.



It's been way too long, almost a month since I posted last. The positive side of that is that I am incredibly busy. Way too many things going on and even more on the way. Anyway, here is something from my latest sketchbook. I am keeping smaller sketchbooks and doing them by subject. I tend to lose interest in a sketchbook about halfway through and go buy another one. so, with these nifty college-style books, that are pretty thin and 8' x 11.5" in dimension, I can go through them relatively fast, and keep the interest level high.

The sketch is from a solo-project I am working on. It involves samurais and demons. This demon came out looking way too much like DC Comic's very own "Demon."