Tuesday, October 11, 2005


something I just did in my "samurai" sketchbook. The sketchbook is there for me to work out certain ideas for my next graphic novel project. It is especially useful when I have to draw traditional japanese wardrobe or instruments such as the shamisen.

I used a "water" brush from japan. It is actually a kid's toy that I discovered a few years ago. I put ink in it instead of water (you're supposed to rub the brush with water loaded in the synthetic bristols into water color tablets) and use that in sketchbooks. it is actually a pretty unreliable tool for drawing, even sketches, but I have managed to do some fun stuff with them over the years. I also used a Pigma Brush for the details. These brush pens are nice, but the tip gets beat to hell real fast, especially on your typical sketchbook paper stock.


marco's blog said...

i just started using those brushes, but had to revert to the gool old W/N series 7...not enough control. fun though.

that samurai sketchbook would be a nice little con item...i'd buy it.

good luck with it.

Brian Quinn said...

thanks Marco, yea, I guess at the point that I get a publisher and release this one-shot book, it would be kind of cool to publish an ashcan edition of the sketchbook for cons. I will definately consider that. I will not have room in this book for "behind the scenes material" since I already have my brother, John T Quinn III, and a few other guys lined up for pinups.

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

wait a minute, did you speak to my agent?

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

sigh, october 11? what's up with you? where's all the new work i hear so much about? and the website, huh? dang.
love john
ps. i love w/n series 7 brushes. really.

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

i gave my love a chicken it had no bone....