Tuesday, July 25, 2006


hey all, a look at my new logo. still so much work to do on my book, but this is the nifty fly that I will be popping onto t's and other swag real soon. doing the Baltimore con in early september so expect to see some stuff there


Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm Famous and Stuff

a podcast interview with me at the Wizard Philly show a few weeks back. I was very tired and punchy at this point. I know Boss Hogg so don't think i'm a total dick with everyone that sticks a camera in my face. this video is also responsible for me starting a strict diet. I'm down 10 lbs from this vid. that is most of the weight from my fat neck I think.


the fine folks at Variant Edition have also interviewed me. Check out episode 7 from their archives http://www.variantedition.com/ also, in episode 17 they really go out of their way to inflate my ego; lots of nice things said about my book "Bood River" as well as some original art they purchased from me. I am pretty sure a future episode features yet another interview with me as well as a time lapse thingy of me doing a drawing.