Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wicked Samurai Book I cover image

I can't believe I have not posted this on here yet. Cover image for Book I issue 1 of Wicked Samurai. We are still pitching it around to publishers so hopefully I have good news about it soon. For now, enjoy my original b&w image and then the lovely color version brought to life by Nick "f***ing" Filardi.

Mice Templar art

Mike Oeming and Bryan Glass invited me to do a spot illustration for their latest series "Mice Templar." I provided an image of the "Salmon of Wisdom." This should be in issue 2 out sometime in Nov.

I will also have a pinup in a future issue; either 3 or 4 from what Bryan told me.

If you have not done so already, go and check out the first issue of this book. It is something alot of us on the "inside" have been waiting a long time to see Bryan and Mike produce, and could not be happier now that it is starting to come out bi-monthly.