Tuesday, June 10, 2008

manga pitch

some head shots I created for a manga pitch I just made last week

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


a page from a short story I illustrated for my pals Sean & Mary. It will be appearing in an anothology that is being hammered out by folks that post on Mike Oeming's jinxworld forum. a great bunch of people that will undoubtedly produce an entertaining volume. a good example of my "dirty water" technique.


what excuse can I come up with to justify not updating this wonderful (and very free) blog? none... I mean, I'm busy! don't get me wrong. my days are filled with freelance goodness. Also, pimping my book "Wicked Samurai" around to find it a proper home (more on that later), and also working towards other new goals related to storytelling of one sort or another. anyway, here is a drawing I did in response to a jackass in the "sports entertainment" industry that I had dealings with recently. The likeness and demeanor are spot on...

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wicked Samurai (that never was) part two

the hope is that Wicked Samurai will be made up of mini-series and one-shots, similar to how Hellboy and the Goon are handled at Dark Horse. my first proposed 5 issue mini will consist of an oversized origin story in the first issue, 2nd issue will be made up of 2 short stories, and then finishing off the last 3 issues will be an epic story between the Wicked Samurai and a brood of ninja vampires. These pages here are from that story, but yes, they will not be apart of the finished product.

Wicked Samurai (that never was)

hey all, a bunch of stuff I just scanned from my portfolio of upcoming WS stories. the thing is, none of these images will appear in any upcoming issues of the book. I am retooling the stories, and will tackle the art chores once again on both tales. There are aspects that I like with the stuff I'm showing you here, but I am making slight changes in how I approach both stories, that now require me to redo pages. for now, enjoy what could have been.

Friday, January 25, 2008


another drawing from my sketchbook. a combination of faber-castell markers and mars 3000 duo markers (red & black). photo of my dear friend Keri used as reference. don't let the "scary quality" of this image fool you; Keri is actually a very attractive young lady. She will also be the model for the main character on a sci-fi mini I hope to do this year along with Wicked Samurai. more on that hopefully soonish. for now, enjoy!

2008 sketchbook

hey all, something from my most recent sketchbook. I usually do not use my faber-castell markers in my sketchbooks, instead preferring to use something more "immediate" like a felt tip or brush marker. anyway, here is an exception to the Quinn rule. marker and some dry brush in my moleskine book. head over to Barnes & Noble and buy up these books. you get 3 lineless notebooks for $15. they make perfect notebooks now that I cannot find a9 lineless blueline books.