Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wicked Samurai (that never was) part two

the hope is that Wicked Samurai will be made up of mini-series and one-shots, similar to how Hellboy and the Goon are handled at Dark Horse. my first proposed 5 issue mini will consist of an oversized origin story in the first issue, 2nd issue will be made up of 2 short stories, and then finishing off the last 3 issues will be an epic story between the Wicked Samurai and a brood of ninja vampires. These pages here are from that story, but yes, they will not be apart of the finished product.

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John T. Quinn 3rd said...

hey let me do an eight pager. c'mon, write something scary man and let me draw it.

and what ever happened to the pin up page i was supposed to do?

you're like tom sawyer.